About Us

Rachel, a girly bookworm and our creator, found it as the admin of her own book club, a bit challenging at times, to keep track of books, who had what etc.

Over a drink or two – as one does at a book club (deny all you want ladies/gents), the idea was born to create an app that acted like a mini library, a place where book titles could be logged, checked-out and then reviewed.

After a little think… voila Bobby’s books was conceived!

Why call it Bobby’s books? Rachel’s mum Roberta, or known by all as Bobby, played a pivotal role in Rachel’s love of books. Rachel has warm memories of going to her mum’s book club, trips to Randburg library and of course lots and lots of reading. Bobby sadly passed in 2014, but with an app dedicated to her mom, the words in all the books keep her memory going strong!

“Bless Bobby forever 23/12/1938 – 30/06/2014 – Miss her every day!”